AFTER a century of neglect following the truce that ended the Cephalic Wars, the legacy of Mr. Leader’s ambition again comes to light. Recent conferences have stimulated reassessments by scholars of Leader’s larger achievement. There has been a surge of criticism of the proposed ideology, which brought to bear psychoanalytic, theological and national-historical interests. Leader’s is the story of a zealous disintegration of the individual subject - a tale of an outcast, at once terrifying, pitiful, and funny.


It is in this context that we propose a collection of documents dedicated to the life of Mr. Leader and the Cephalic Wars. In order to give a broad picture of the strange events that took place during the so-called Cephalic Wars, we have compiled never before seen excerpts of Mr. Leader’s notebooks, alongside with media coverage of the time, biographical analysis and academic studies on the subject.


This is by no means an exhaustive account of a subject that has been the inspiration for countless scholarly editions and works of fiction. It is a mere attempt to respond to the strange events that have again captivated the imagination of the public and will certainly continue to do so for generations to come. We hope that with this volume, the reader will be introduced to this fascinating period and perhaps feel compelled to pursue a more comprehensive study of the matter.